Together we can make an eternal impact on teens and their families.

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Our Mission:  

Building Thriving Families, Restoring Hope to Teens and Empowering Supportive Communities

Project Patch is a non-profit ministry that has been working since 1984 to help teens and families.  

We are thankful to our donors who believe in the power of a united family and that every teen deserves a chance.

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Hope for Teens
Thriving Families
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 Helping Teens Discover Hope


Some teens reach a point that they are destroying their futures.  The way they destroy their futures varies but as a parent it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them safe and unclear on how to get them the help they need.

Project Patch has been partnering with parents since 1984 to help teens with behavior problems.  Parents trust our licensed and accredited Youth Ranch in the mountains of Idaho as a therapeutic place for their teen to gain the insight, skills and motivation to live a positive life.

"The list of positive changes in him is incredible; maturity, work either, looking people in the eye, his handshake, ability to cope with his anger, willingness to help...I'd say a complete success story!  I'm so proud of him."
- Shelly (Mom of graduate)

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   Building Thriving Families


Being a strong family isn't easy.  This complex world makes it hard to spend time together and it's easy for family time to be filled with misunderstanding and frustration.

We all feel the tension of feeling disconnected and not sure whether it is even possible to be close.  What would it be like if parents were working together from the same plan? What if kids felt secure about the family's ability to deal with problems?

The Family Experience is a four day retreat helping families discover the power of their family and how they can maximize their impact together.  The time at our 500 acre family resort is filled with interactive workshops, low-ropes course activities, discussions, hiking, recreation, quality time, and great food.

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 Empowering Supportive Communities

Kids have hope when their families have hope.  Families thrive when they are part of a community that supports them.  Churches and communities want to help but many times they aren't sure where to start.  

We work with teens and families every day and we want to support you as you impact the families and kids in your care.  

Here are some resources that we have created to support you.