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Girls’ Program

Helping girls struggling with depression, anxiety and self-harming behaviors.

Project Patch Girls’ Program

You are not alone. The Project Patch Therapeutic Residential Treatment Program for Girls has assisted hundreds of parents of troubled girls, with outstanding results. We know because parents and girls tell us, tell their friends and donate to help other girls.

Does your daughter struggle in any of these areas?

  • Rebelliousness
  • Oppositional defiance
  • Authority issues
  • Anger control problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor decision-making skills
  • Thinking errors – blaming, rationalizing, avoid taking responsibility, entitlement.
  • Poor peer choices
  • Trauma
  • ADHD
  • Petty theft or shoplifting
  • Minor runaway

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About us:

Nestled in a secluded valley, surrounded by mountains and bordered by a scenic river in southern Idaho, this 169-acre facility is the perfect environment for healing.  The core building, housing the kitchen and dining room, is flanked by the  residence halls.  Bedrooms accommodate up to four girls and each room has its own bathroom.  Completing the campus are a school, gymnasium, wood shop, and chapel.

Our Girls’ program is a licensed and accredited Therapeutic Residential Treatment Program which houses up to 20 girls at a time, ages 12 to 17 (must be placed prior to their 17th birthday).  The ranch staff is comprised of 40 dedicated staff members, including a core of professional counselors.  Over 1,000 teens have completed the Project Patch program and are living testaments to the program’s effectiveness.

Girls spend a year with us gaining the skills and healing necessary for completing the program.  During this time, family visits take place at various times and parents are encouraged to attend parent weekends, each one a time to learn new skills as a family.

Project Patch accepts girls regardless of creed, religion, or race.  Patch is a faith-based ministry that focuses on teaching teenagers their worth and value in the eyes of their Creator.  While we are unable to accommodate individual religious practices other than those provided, all are respected.

This is a 360 degree view of our main campus.  The center building is a cafeteria.  The boys’ dorm is to the left, the girls’ dorm to the right.  On the far right is our office.

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The girls’ program focuses on helping girls through six key aspects.