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Girls’ Program Details

What is Project Patch? A licensed therapeutic residential program that offers an individualized programs for boys and girls.  Both program operate from the same campus however, boys and girls are kept separate for therapeutic reasons.

Where do the youth stay? At our 169-acre mountain ranch located an hour north of Boise, Idaho.  The girls’ dorm houses up to 18 girls.  Three girls are assigned to each room and each room has a private bathroom.  The dorm has a lobby as well as area for hobbies.

What ages can you help? We are licensed for girls ages 12 – 18.  Your daughter will need to be under the age of 17 to enter the program.

What methods do you use to help? Our girls’ program incorporates therapy into all aspects of our program.  The main program elements are:  TherapyFaithEducationRecreationCommunity Service and Therapeutic Outdoor Program.

How long will my daughter stay? Girls live full-time on the ranch for a minimum of one year; the length of stay can be extended dependent on therapeutic needs.

How is the girls’ program different than the boys’ program? Both programs are licensed and accredited, share the same facility.  Each dorm is staffed with dorm specific qualified direct care staff including night staff who work to create a therapeutic and positive environment for our teens.  However, the programs differ in the following ways:

  • Length of program – Girls program is a year long, boys is six months
  • Client needs – Learn more BOYS – GIRLS
  • Girls’ program focuses on anxiety, self-harm, and risky relationships.
  • Girls program is helping girls with higher psychological challenges than the boys are facing.
  • Boys’ program tends to focus more on anger, isolation and  electronic addictions addictions.

What would exclude my daughter from attending? The application process will evaluate whether your daughter struggles in any of the following areas that would make our program not appropriate for her.

  • Sexual Offenders/Sexual Deviancy toward others
  • Experiencing severe eating disorders
  • Pregnant
  • Experiencing compounding mental health issues (psychotic, personality disorders, manic-depressive, or unstable bi-polar)
  • Lack of conscience
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Severe Attachment Disorders/Issues
  • Fire Starter
  • Significant criminal history
  • Untreated drug addiction/drug lifestyle
  • Actively suicidal/self-injurious behavior
  • Violence/aggressive behavior
  • Gang activity
  • Cruelty to animals
  • A Severe runaway risk

How much does it cost? Project Patch has a generous sponsorship program based on need.  Please call our administrative office at 360-690-8495 for details.

More questions?  See our FAQ.