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The school at the Project Patch youth ranch is accredited by the State of Idaho Department of Education and by the AdvancED(NWAC)  as a special purpose school.  Our progressive school program prepares our youth for higher learning and deepens their comprehension of what they are currently studying.

A Dynamic Learning System
The Project Patch school has been developed specifically to serve our students’ needs.  The individualized program allows your daughter to succeed where she may have failed in other environments.  To ensure a smooth transition home, our program includes the following important elements:

  • Teacher-directed and -facilitated.
  • Classes separated by gender.
  • Individualized coursework to accommodate each student’s ability and experience.
  • GED, cooperation with other schools, and correspondence courses (at parents’ expense) available.

Technology Integration
Computers are used for skill building, assessments, homework assignments.  Clients do not have open Internet or web search access.  Certain classes use online resources which students access on supervised computers with very limited online capabilities.  We teach kids on the latest generation of software and hardware such as Microsoft Office Suite.