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The Project Patch therapeutic program has been accredited by the Joint Commission and has been found by Boise State University to be very effective in changing the lives of troubled teens.

Group process is central in our therapeutic program.  But the real healing comes through the caring relationships girls form with dedicated staff whom they come to learn they can trust.

In whatever activity the young people are involved, there are always teachable moments, which makes mentoring and counseling meaningful.  The counseling staff uses a cognitive behavioral approach, which is based on the premise that actions stem from beliefs that are based on thoughts.

Patch’s therapeutic program is comprised of five components:

Behavior Modification helps each resident learn responsible living.  Interaction with peers and their response to staff determine the privileges that are earned at three program levels.

Counseling addresses a resident’s mental and emotional issues.  Goals are established to address each issue.  Individual therapy with an assigned therapist occurs on a weekly basis.  In addition, clients participate in twice-weekly sessions of group therapy in which group dynamics, individual issues, counseling assignments, and other issues identified by staff and peers are discussed.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is taught as a group and occurs twice-weekly.

Family establishes goals that rebuild healthy family dynamics, relationships, and communication.

Educational evaluates each girl’s academic capabilities and needs in order to establish a suitable goal that will help her succeed in school after leaving Patch.

Aftercare aims at providing girls with the best possible opportunity for success after they have completed the Patch treatment program.  Each girl develops a prevention plan with her counselor to address areas such as family home environments, peer relationships, and future education goals.  Completing the Youth Ranch program also qualifies the immediate family to attend The Family Experience during an alumni weekend for free within the first year of graduation.