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Life After Lust – A Conversation with Forest Benedict

I love my job. I get the chance to talk to people and hear their stories. Forest Benedict has a story. His includes many painful moments and some destructive detours.  Yet. . . what I love about his story is that he has broken free from a world of isolation, shame and brokenness. He is passionate about life outside of pornography and helping others discover the freedom, belonging and purpose he enjoys.  Read More

What’s Going On With My Kid?

As parents we ask some important question.  A good one is, “Where are my keys?”  We also ask obvious questions like, “Who drank all the milk and put the carton back in the fridge?”  One that I hear from parents is, “What’s going on with my kid?”  We worry because we see changes that we can’t figure out.  We want to know what’s going on inside but most of the time we get grunts and maybe an exaggerated sigh.  There are signs that things aren’t going well: falling grades, concerning smells, absence of friends, withdrawal, sarcasm, avoidant behaviors, dressing differently.

We swing between being worried they are going crazy and searching for a gang to join to the next minute thinking it’s just immaturity, a phase or normal behavior for “kids nowadays.” Read More

The Counter Culture Mom: Meet Tina Griffin

Tina Griffin has a ton of energy and is passionate about helping teens.  I met her several years ago at a conference and we chatted long enough to know we needed to talk more.  The only problem was that she kept getting into deep conversations and as soon as she was done, I was involved in conversations.  We exchanged cards and she agreed to record a podcast. Read More