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A Last Minute Request

Heidi 008We began this blog on January 30, 2013.  Since that time we’ve written 70 posts and have had a steady increase in readers.  My blog report tells me that the equivalent of five New York subway cars full of people have read the blog this year. This hasn’t been an easy process. Writing is hard, especially for me. Some of you that have known me for some time remember my lopsided SAT scores coming out of high school. I scored a 97 percentile for math and a 17 percentile for English. I was better in math than nearly everyone in the room, but most people could write better than me. I failed my college writing entrance exam and had to take a spelling class in college. My only failed class ever was College Writing 2 (actually a D-minus). I feel vulnerable when I write and am thankful for my staff who graciously edit my words.

Even though writing is hard and I feel inadequate as a writer, I still write because God has convicted me that I need to share the information He has given to us at Project Patch. We are celebrating our 30th year in 2014, and during these past years, through trial and error and blessings, have figured out how to help build thriving families, restore hope to teens, and empower supportive communities. I’ve seen miracle after miracle during my 10 years at Patch and I’m convinced that those miracles could occur in homes and churches around the world, if people would take the time to learn to connect, communicate, establish values and ways to protect them, and most importantly, have hope in a God that can do amazing things with our brokenness if we let Him.

I’m not writing to threaten that this blog will go away without funding, I’m just letting you know why I write and put you on notice that 2014 will be even better.

If this blog has been helpful and encouraging for you, would you consider giving a special, last-minute gift of support to Project Patch?  Make a donation online today.

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