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About Us

Core Values

We know the power of restored hope and work to bring hope and renewed futures to teens, families and communities.

Teens without hope:

  • Engage in destructive relationships
  • Run away
  • Self-harm
  • Turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate
  • Isolate themselves from those that can help
  • Drop out of school

Families without hope:

  • Fight (physical and emotional intimidation and punishment)
  • Blame (view each other as a source of problems rather than help)
  • Avoid each other (retreat to less threatening people and activities)

We believe that kids do best when they have hope and are part of a thriving family.  We believe kids and families benefit from being a part of supportive communities.  We believe communities are strong with kids and families are strong.

Organizational Mission:
Project Patch is passionately committed to building thriving families, restoring hope to teens and empowering supportive communities.

Youth Program Mission:
Project Patch Youth Program is passionately committed to reaching out to at-risk young people to help them realize their self-worth and potential, as well as the significance of God’s love for them.

Family Life & Conference Center Mission:
Project Patch Family Life & Conference Center is passionately committed to equipping families to thrive in the midst of life’s challenges.

It is our vision to be the recognized leader in providing specialized services to adolescents in crisis and families facing challenges, with excellence in teamwork, relationships, and performance.

We Believe:

  • In the uniqueness and value of every young person, including those who have become troubled.
  • That every at-risk youth deserves an environment within which they can find reclamation.
  • In the necessity of a program dedicated to the individual needs of each young person.
  • In the necessity of teaching responsible living to every troubled youth.
  • That healthy relationships between adults and youth are indispensable for troubled youth to achieve healing.
  • That assisting troubled youth in cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ is the most effective means of achieving healing.