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Dr. Phil

“Troubled Teen:  Who will take Danielle?”  We did!

We are excited to partner with Dr. Phil to help Danielle and her family.  We had been working with Jeff for months and are thankful for Dr. Phil and his team for using their influence to get Danielle the help she desperately needs.

The show (see overview here) gives you a glimpse into the pain and hopelessness that Danielle faced and the dreams she doesn’t know how to pursue.

See what Dr. Phil has to say about Project Patch.


 Project Patch helped in the following two ways:

Project Patch Girls Program– Danielle received a scholarship to attend this therapeutic residential program in the mountains of Idaho.  It is a place that helps teens discover hope, gain a sense purpose, and gives them skills to live productive and rewarding lives.  This Christian program is licensed and accredited and serves up to 36 residents at a time.

Danielle successfully graduated our program after attending for 14 months and returned home.  During her stay at Project Patch, the Dr. Phil show assisted in family travel for family counseling. Danielle worked hard in her school and counseling and we are very proud of her and her hard work.

The Family Experience – The entire family, once Danielle graduated from the Youth Ranch, sponsorship for a  weekend session to help them unite in supporting Danielle and helping her reach her dreams.  The three day retreat in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge works with families on today’s problems so that they leave with tools to help proactively navigate through everyday conflicts and thrive in our challenging and complex world.

Danielle’s family chose not to attend The Family Experience.  It was a disappointment for us because this program would have helped the whole family with their skills to get along as well as values to pull together.  They chose not to attend even through the Dr. Phil show was able to pay most of the travel expenses to our site in Washington.

Thanks to our donors for making this possible!

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It would not have been possible to help Danielle and her family if it weren’t for the generous support of our donors.  The cost for this intervention alone is over $65,000.  Project Patch depends upon donations from generous individuals, organizations, and volunteers.  Because of our donors’ support, we have equipped over 1,000 at-risk teens to create positive futures for themselves and contribute to their communities.

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