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Getting Your Family to the Next Level

I 071213_WingsWheel_047_web_t607watched a yellow and blue bi-plane get ready to take off.  It was a nice looking plane with an open cockpit designed for two people.  The kind of plane in which you need to have a leather helmet, goggles and a scarf.

The plane was really awkward on the ground.  Because it is a tail dragger, the pilot had to zig zag down the taxiway because the cowling is too large to see over.  The plane made a lot of noise but wasn’t too maneuverable.
However once the plane left the ground, it became free, maneuverable, and amazing.  I watched the plane as it roared off into the distance.  I should have just kept running but since I can’t seem to take something like this at face value, I began making connections with some similar things I’ve seen recently.
I see so many families that are really capable of doing amazing things yet they are stuck in an awkward  and unproductive place.  They can’t figure out how to make basic decisions and so they never move on to more complicated things.  For example, the parents would like to take the family on a short term mission trip but don’t bring it up because they couldn’t even agree on a restaurant when they tried to spend time as a family.  In essence, this family is stuck on the taxiway.
The best antidote that we have found for families is to get into action.  The best place for learning at our Family Experience program is on the low ropes challenge course.  This is a place in which trust and communication are put to work and the family learns that they can accomplish great things when they work together.  However, if the family is holding back, nothing is accomplished.
So, if you want your family to take off, try one of these things this coming weekend.
  • Do something unexpected together.  Set time and budget expectations then have everyone write down on a piece of paper something new activity that they’d like to during the upcoming weekend.  Draw an idea out and do it.
  • Volunteer as a family at a local charity (http://www.idealist.org/info/Volunteer/Family)
  • Help an elderly or sick neighbor with yard work, washing windows, or maintenance.
  • Make your own family movie using your phone and basic software (http://www.mobilestories.ca/storykit.php)
Families thrive when families are active.  I encourage you to get active and let us know how it went by commenting below (or above).