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Reconsidering Chastity [Podcast]

Arleen Spencely is an author, speaker and blogger that focuses on encouraging people to practice the virtue of chastity. She rose to national recognition when she wrote an essay six years ago about her decision to remain a virgin until she married.  This first essay began a process that deepened her understanding of what God wanted for her life and sexuality. It also also launched her into creating community, training and support for others around the virtue of chastity.

This Podcast episode of Today’s Family Experience shares her story as well as why she came to the conclusion that chastity is for everyone.

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Here are some things that stood out during our conversation:

  • There is community when we transcend our fear
  • Living a life of chastity requires community to encourage us
  • Practicing chastity in this world is possible
  •  A virtue is a decision we make every day to do the right thing.  It isn’t avoiding something bad.
  •  Chastity is for everyone
  • Whatever you have done, it doesn’t mean that you can’t decide today to do the right thing, that is what chastity is about
  • Quote John Paul II “Love is the authentic commitment of the free will of one person as a result of the truth of another person”
  • Great dating question – “Do I like this person, actually like this person… and do I care if I have a kid that turns into this person”
  • The conversation about chastity must continue beyond the youth room.
  • Open parent child discussion are vital.



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