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Living Forward as a Parent: Interviewing Daniel Harkavy

My guest for this episode is Daniel Harkavy, founder, CEO and executive Coach at Building Champions.  Daniel has authored several books including his most recent, “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want” which he co-wrote with Michael Hyatt.

As you listen to this episode, it will become clear why I was so thrilled to have him as a guest.  He has a message that is especially relevant for parents that want to help our kids develop into purposeful, amazing adults.  Life planing is a very personal thing for Daniel. This is a personal practice that he now teaches through the team at Building Champions. You’ll hear him say loud and clear…

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Raising Porn Free Kids with Matt Dobschuetz – Part 2

This is the second part of an interview of Matt Dobshuetz, coach and podcaster of the very popular and impactful podcast pornfreeradio.com

In the last episode Matt shared his story and what was really clear as he shared is that freedom is possible and worth it.  It’s clear that he knows what he’s talking about.  You can listen to that episode and read the show notes by going here. Read More

Raising Porn Free Kids with Matt Dobschuetz – Part 1

Pornography isn’t easy to talk about.  For several years I’ve been focused on helping parents face the tech invasion of pornography, addicting video games and some threats from social media.

I’ve been frustrated as I look for resources because too many are extreme.  One group of parents is focused on eliminating the threat of technology by sheltering kids or through investing heavily in technology to protect kids from technology.  The second isn’t doing much because they either think their kids aren’t under threat or they minimize the damage that pornography can do to their kids. Read More

When Your Ex Gives Harmful Gifts

It’s Christmas morning and your heart is beating wildly.  It isn’t because you want to know what’s in your gift, it’s because you are dreading what’s in your kid’s gift from from your ex, their other parent.

Divorce has a way of complicating nearly everything.  Gift giving can easily become competitive, guilt driven, about overcompensating and even passive aggressive against the ex spouse. Read More