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Application Overview

Congratulations on taking the difficult steps to find help for your son. We understand that it is hard to know if a program will help your teen and we are wanting to partner with you in the process.

The application is designed to assess whether we are able to help your son.  Our program is not appropriate or helpful for all boys struggling with behavior problems.  Learn more here.

Because Project Patch requires a significant investment of time and money, and most importantly, the care of your teen, we want to proceed carefully to determine whether Project Patch is appropriate and if not, help identify core areas to consider and guide you to other more appropriate resources.

Applying to Patch is a four step process.

  1. PreScreen
  2. Application
  3. Fees and Expenses
  4. Intake Interview/Admission

Step 1 – PreScreen

Taking the PreScreen helps our admissions staff determine whether we are the appropriate resource for your teen, and if not, helps us connect you with other options.

To Take PreScreen Now -Click Here-

Your PreScreen will be reviewed typically within 2 to 3 business days and you will receive a call from someone in the Admissions Department to discuss the results.

Step 2 – Application & References

This is an information gathering stage. We collect extensive background materials in order to enable our Treatment Team to determine if your son is an appropriate fit for our program.

The following types of information will be collected during this time.

  • Ranch Application
  • Parent/Guardian Applications
  • References
  • Mental Health and Education Records
  • $35 Application Fee
  • Custody Documentation

The Admissions team will email you a link to the online application.

Step 3 – Fees and Expenses

Project Patch, with the help from donors and staff, work to provide excellent and affordable services.

As you near completion of the application process, if needed, you will begin the financial aid application process. The Financial Aid Committee will determine the level of sponsorship and scholarship based on your need and available donor support.

For more details about the cost of attending Project Patch Youth Ranch and to learn more about Financial Aid -Click Here-

 Step 4 – Intake Interview/Admissions

Once the Treatment Team has reviewed the application and determined whether your son is an appropriate match for our program, the final step is scheduling an Intake Interview with the Admissions Department that will be held at the Youth Ranch.

  • All necessary forms, packing lists, and instructions will be sent to you
  • Parents bring their teen, the teen’s belongings, and ALL paperwork to the Youth Ranch
  • Parents and teen will participate in the Intake Interview and the Treatment Team will make a final determination of the teen’s appropriateness for the program.

If the teen is accepted, the teen immediately begins the program and parents complete final paperwork and leave their teen at the ranch.