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Boys’ Program Details

How We Help Your Son

Your son is struggling for many different reasons.  Our program uses a combination of methods to help him gain understanding, positive relationships, skills and motivation to move forward.


  • Group Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – emotion regulation, dealing with distressing situations, improving relationships.
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family sessions
  • Major Focus Areas
    • Pornography
    • Video Game Addiction
    • Social media
    • Trauma

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  • Assessment/Placement evaluation
  • Individualized learning plans
  • Study skills
  • Organization skills
  • Success skills
  • Credits earned toward graduation/transfer based on students output
  • GED preparation and testing for students who are significantly behind peers in school

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  • Full-time chaplain
  • Weekly worship service
  • Morning and evening dorm worships
  • Bible Class
    • Life Hurts God Heals
    • Overview of the Bible
  • Spiritual principles that lead to breaking the thinking patterns of this world the renewing of our minds.
  • Service projects

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Residential Life

  • Reduce isolation
  • Practice using support systems
  • Reinforce interpersonal skills
  • Increase self-care
  • Focus on respect for self, and others
  • Focus on responsibility (Being on time and on task)

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Positive Activity – Work/Play

  • Developing work ethic
  • Discovering joy in not electronic activities
  • Sports – Skill development in basketball, soccer, volleyball
  • Outdoor recreation – hiking, rafting, fishing, swimming
  • Community service

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