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Residential Life

Positive relationships are one most crucial needs of your son.  Our boys’ program is designed to create a safe, accountable and connected environment.

Your son will be placed in a dorm with up to 18 boys and then assigned to a small group of 9 boys.  This small group attends classes together, does work projects, group counseling and is the primary support system for your son.

Each dorm has four direct care staff working during the day and one at night.  These men will act as mentors and assist your son in maximizing his learning from the program.  Staff ensure kids are on-task-on-time as well as respectful to others.  They coach teens in conflict resolution, time management, emotion regulation, work ethic and character development.

Our Boys’ Program is located at Project Patch Youth Ranch which is  nestled in a secluded valley, surrounded by mountains and bordered by a scenic river in southern Idaho, this 169-acre facility is the perfect environment for healing.  The core building, housing the kitchen and dining room, is flanked by the  residence halls.  Bedrooms accommodate up to three boys and each room has its own bathroom.  Completing the campus are a school, gymnasium, wood shop, and chapel.

Boys spend a year with us gaining the skills and healing necessary for completing the program.  During this time, family visits take place at various times and parents are encouraged to attend parent weekends, each one a time to learn new skills as a family.

Project Patch accepts boys regardless of creed, religion, or race.  Project Patch is a faith-based ministry that focuses on teaching teenagers their worth and value in the eyes of their Creator.  While we are unable to accommodate individual religious practices other than those provided, all are respected.