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Typical Day

Daily life at the Ranch is filled with many things including school, counseling, chores, worship, sports and recreation.  The main focus of all these activities is structure, therapy and healing relationships.


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Daily Schedule 

(Monday – Thursday)



The Project Patch program may be different from those of other boarding schools or residential treatment facilities in the following ways:

  • General
    • All activities are focused on their specific therapeutic benefit.  This allows your son’s schedule to be changed to benefit his needs.
    • Friday and Sunday have a more relaxed schedule which allows for longer work projects, community service, or recreation.
  • Group Focus
    • While the campus is co-educational, the boys’ and girls’ programs operate independently and clients are separated by gender for the entirety of their stay to ensure their focus remains on learning and personal growth.
    • Boys are placed in a group of peers with a maximum group size of nine.  The group attends school together, completes work projects, and provides the foundation for peer accountability and group counseling.
    • Clients are accountable for the healthy functioning of their group.
  • School
    • School operates all year with four quarters (10 weeks) separated by three week breaks.  Home leaves are scheduled during breaks, as appropriate.
    • Boys attend school Monday through Friday with additional study halls on Friday or Sunday.
    • Boys are assigned individual goals and weekly work in English, math, physical education, science, and Bible classes.  Students who do not accomplish their goals lose free time for the following week to help them get caught up.
  • Saturday
    • Saturdays tend to be a favorite day of the week because consequences are lifted to honor the Sabbath and to provide a day of grace.
    • Boys are allowed to sleep a little later and enjoy a later breakfast.
    • Boys only do essential work like meal prep and clean-up.
    • Church services focus on spiritual growth and are teen-oriented.
    • A special dinner is served after church.
    • Afternoon is spent relaxing, swimming, playing games or enjoying the outdoors.
    • Occasional community service projects which cannot be scheduled for Friday or Sunday.
  • Special Outings
    • Boys’ Dorm outings include camping, backpacking, or day trips during school breaks.
    • Boys on upper levels occasionally attend concerts, plays, or sporting events.
    • Outings for those in other levels include going out to eat, skiing, or day trips.