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Breaking Children

Young Child Looking SadThis post was written by Jim Smith, a long time friend of Project Patch who worked as a therapist at our Youth Ranch and helped launch our Family Experience.  He no longer works at Project Patch but continues to serve families, teens and equip the church for ministry.

Sometimes other people say things better than we ever could.  Sometimes they have a perspective that really speaks to us.  And today we want to share one dad’s passionate plea with you.

“Dads.  Children are gifts.  They are not ours for the breaking.  They are ours for the making.”

Dads, this one’s for you.  Please read it, think about it, share it…and live it.

Click here to read a powerful blog post by phenomenal writer and father Dan Pearce – a single dad who does a lot of thinking, a lot of writing, a lot of fathering, and a lot of laughing.