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Life Ready Kids – The Foundation

When I was in high school all of us guys in my freshman class took a class called, “Independent Living.” The goal of the class was to teach us to cook and sew. I sewed through the tip… Read More

Helping Your Family Find ‘Normal’ During The Holiday Chaos

My confession, I’m a tri-athlete who hasn’t been training as much as I’d like lately. Second confession, we started a job list and commission program to teach the girls about money and it isn’t being kept up. Consistency… Read More

Family Stories

I learned as an adult that my grandparents had owned a Volkswagen camper van and had driven it from India to Europe. It was in passing that one of my aunts mentioned that my grandparents had owned a… Read More

Helping Your Kids With Their Choices: Getting Beyond Two Choices

I recently came across a list of the top 50 sitcom plots. It was fun to read because I could name several episodes of my childhood shows for each entry. The Cosby Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Ties,… Read More

Helping Your Kids With Nightmares: Planting Good Thoughts

I’m not sure who has it worse during nightmares, the kid or the parent. Both are awake and tired. One is out of bed, cold and can’t seem to remember much. The other is in their bed, scared… Read More

Tempting Shortcuts

I recently read a devotional by Carol Knapp in which she told about all the cars that fell through the ice near her Alaska home.  The winter was unusually warm, yet many people were unwilling to adjust their… Read More

When Your Teen Won’t Confess

A dad told me the story the other day about his son’s unwillingness to admit he had a problem with pornography.  He had plenty of evidence that his son had a problem.  He had done so many good things by… Read More

What to Do when Consequences Aren’t Working

I remember an experiment my brother conducted when we were little kids. He had done something wrong and was going to be punished. He had the brilliant idea that he wouldn’t be punished if Mom couldn’t catch him. He… Read More

Foolish: How to Discipline when your Kids are NOT Listening

Most of us parents still remember what a broken record sounds like. The same thing plays over and over and just won’t move on. Most kids haven’t heard a record-player, but have experienced the broken-record moments as their parents launch… Read More

Wise: How to Discipline when your Kids are Listening

In the last post, we explored how we need to decide whether our kids are wise, or foolish, before we discipline them. If they are wise, we use words; and, if they are foolish, we use life (consequences)…. Read More