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Family Program – FAQ

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Project Patch Family Experience.  We hope that by providing answers to those questions here we can help you quickly and efficiently.

If, after looking through this page, you still have questions, please feel free to contact us (360-690-8495 or info@projectpatch.org) or request additional information using this online form.

Project Patch


What is Project Patch?

Project Patch is an organization dedicated to serving families and troubled youth.  We do this through our therapeutic residential behavioral treatment programs for boys and girls ages 12-17, and our Family Life & Conference Center, where we offer the Family Experience Weekend. We also provide parenting resources through out blog and seminars.


Where is Project Patch located?

Project Patch has three locations.  Our boys and girls programs are located on the same campus in the Idaho mountains, about an hour north of Boise.  Our Family Program is in Goldendale, Wash.  Our administrative offices are in Vancouver, Wash.

Family Experience


Can we attend even though we are a single parent home?

The Family Experience is designed to support various types of family s including traditional two-parent families, single parent homes, blended families and even grandparents raising their grandkids.  The program focuses on skills and insights that all types of families benefit from.


What age do my children need to be for our family to attend?

Typically a child needs to be grade school age to participate in the program and depending on their maturity may need to be 10 fully participate in coaching and group activities.  Please contact our registration team to discuss your family needs and kids maturity level. 


Would every family benefit from attending?

Not every family may benefit from attending if there are major conflict, abuse, betrayal or psychological issues that would prevent open discussion, trust in activities and learning in a group environment.  Parents must be able to safely supervise their kids.


Do all family members need to attend?

Ideally every immediate family member should attend, however, we recognize that it may not always be possible for all children or both spouses to attend.  We encourage you to talk through your specific situation with our registration team to determine if The Family Experience will be beneficial even without full family participation.


Can you accommodate a special diet?

We carefully prepare meals based on information our guests share during the registration process.  Please share any specific dietary needs with the registration staff.  We have limited grocery options in Goldendale which necessitates us shopping in advance.  For this reason, we may be limited in accommodating last minute requests.


Do I need bring our own bedding and toiletries?

No, you will be staying in private rooms in our lodge which have bedding and towels provided.  You will want to bring your clothing, toiletries and any other personal items.


Will I be able to access Internet during the program?

Due to the rural nature of our program, we do not have wifi Internet available for our guests.  May guests are able to access Internet on their phones or using their personal mobile hotspots.  We ask that phones and computers not be used during coaching hours.


Will I be required to do an activity which I'm either fearful or not physically able?

Your safety is important to us and we recognize that certain activities are more difficult for some people than others.  We ask that each guest be present for all activities and work with the coach/facilitator to determine the personal next step.  This may mean simply standing on a low wire, speaking up in session or watching an activity.  We simply ask you to be present and personally growing at your only pace.

Project Patch/Family Experience Privacy Policy

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