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Core Concepts about The Family Experience

  • Short 4 day, three night experiences offered in a resort like atmosphere
  • Designed for the whole family
  • Experiential based – Low Ropes challenge course and other activities.  Facilitated by trained Experiential Facilitator.
    • More doing, less talking
    • Activities to support new skill development
    • Activities to increase desire to learn
  • Incorporates self-discovering through personality tests.
  • Develop family understanding through sharing combined family personality makeup
  • Integrated Christian teaching in a non-threatening and non-preaching manner.
  • Lead by a Coach who facilitates group learning and provides overall leadership for weekend.

Building Foundations

  • Foundation 1 – Accept Reality – Family is hard, crazy is normal
  • Foundation 2 – Seek to Understand Each other – Personality Profile
  • Foundation 3 – Parenting with a purpose (Adults) – Living with a purpose (kids)
  • Foundation 4 – Communication
  • Foundation 5 – We Step Into Conflict
  • Foundation 6 – Committed to things that pull us together (Hike)
  • Foundation 7 – Families design systems to help with change
  • Foundation 8 – We Learn (Kids & Adults Separate)
  • Foundation 9 – We step into reality


This is a promotional video for The Family Experience when it is on our site in Goldendale Washington.


The Family Experience from Project Patch on Vimeo.

Why a Partnership?

  1. Reach more families
  2. Break down constraints – Easier for us to go to families rather than have them come to us.
  3. Families don’t know us enough to trust us.  We need partners with a proven record of trust with families.
  4. We want to focus on leading these transformational experiences.  We want a partner with experience and systems that support the logistics of meals, lodging, registration and billing.
  5. We need partners who have team members who are trained and vetted to work with kids and families who also value, are trained and safe in leading experiential activities.
  6. We need partners who are passionate about helping families thrive.

What does the partnership involve?

  • We provide…
    • A coach to lead the weekend
    • A lead facilitator responsible for experiential activities
    • All materials for participants
    • Location specific master documents for advertising/marketing
    • In essence, we focus on things we are really good at.
  • You provide…
    • Location and host The Family Experience at your conference center/camp
    • Hospitality needs for the guests.
    • Provide assistant experiential facilitators as needed.
    • Advertising and marketing of events you host
    • Registration and financial details.
    • The things you are really good at.


We will be charging a fee for us to put on these weekends at your location.  We work to keep costs affordable so that more families can attend.

  • Coach
  • Lead Facilitator
  • Materials/Personality Test
  • Travel

Guests of The Family Experience pay a fee to help cover your expenses for hiring us as well as hospitality and your team.

Each situation is different and we will work with you to maximize your impact and ensure we are being good stewards of our time and resources.

Next Step:

If you are interested in learning more please contact us by using one of the following methods.

One additional way to partner:

We have developed several seminars that are based on our 32 years working with kids and families who are struggling. All our seminars focus on helping parents and mentors connect with kids, communicate effectively and assist in making an eternal impact.

Common seminar topics include:

  • Help!  Technology is Invading My Home (Typically 6 hour focused on pornography, video games and social media)
  • Help! Pornography is Invading My Home
  • Help!  Video Games are Invading My Home
  • Raising Life Ready Kids (How do we raise our kids to be success when they leave the home)
  • Making an Impact as a Grandparent

Learn more about hosting a seminar of having me speak at your event HERE.