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John G. Miller – The Power of Accountability [Podcast]

What makes the difference between those that live as victims and those that live powerful lives?  At the end of the day there are a lot of factors and they all are fueled by a deep realization that I am are responsible, not someone or something else.

Few people have worked as hard or as long to share the message of personal accountability and responsibility than John G. Miller.  He fully committed to spreading the message over 20 years ago and hasn’t let up.  His first book was “QBQ! The Question Behind The Question” and since then he’s written, “Outstanding“, “Flipping the Switch” and “Parenting the QBQ Way“.

I asked John to be on this podcast for two reasons.  First, I knew I would personally benefit.  I did.  Second, as I work with teens and parents I meet so many that are overwhelmed by all the things that are out of their control.  They end up giving up or wasting a bunch of energy looking for someone to rescue them.  I knew John could help fuel change and action.

Listen now!

There is so much in the podcast that helped me:

  • Idea that parenting never ends, it just changes.  I liked how he helped us move from a building phase to relating phase which requires us to change.  We teach a very similar concept at The Family Experience and it is critical to reaching our goals as parents.
  • The power of modeling.
  • We have confused firmness with harshness.  As parents we know not to be harsh but we do need to be firm.  Our kids need us to be firm.
  • As a parent there is power once we realize our children are a product of our parenting and we ask, “What can I do to learn new skills?


  • John’s website:  qbq.com
    • All of John’s books as well as a bunch of other great resources
  • If you only have time for one book?  Start with “Parenting the QBQ Way”

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