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Living Forward as a Parent: Interviewing Daniel Harkavy

My guest for this episode is Daniel Harkavy, founder, CEO and executive Coach at Building Champions.  Daniel has authored several books including his most recent, “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want” which he co-wrote with Michael Hyatt.

As you listen to this episode, it will become clear why I was so thrilled to have him as a guest.  He has a message that is especially relevant for parents that want to help our kids develop into purposeful, amazing adults.  Life planing is a very personal thing for Daniel. This is a personal practice that he now teaches through the team at Building Champions. You’ll hear him say loud and clear…

“Self leadership always proceeds team and family leadership.”

The process of living forward is to help us live our lives with intention while not neglecting the things that matter the most.

Daniel shares a concept of “drift” in which we are neglecting on things that matter most while we hyper focus on things that don’t matter as much. This doesn’t mean we are drifting toward negative or bad things.  Many times we react to all good activities rather than proactively and intentionally getting after the things that matter most.  We drift until something breaks, then stop but often too late and damage has already been done.

Michael shares that it isn’t just about avoiding drift, a key concept is . . . you have to have a target.  There are personal targets but he also believes we need to have a unique target for each of our kids based on 3-5 years out.

  1. What is your target for your kids?  Not focus on what they are doing but who they are.
  2. What intentional steps am I dong to take to help them reach the target.

Your kids are not your report card.  How they perform does not directly reflect back on you as a parent.

This intentional process is like creating a GPS for your life rather than drifting – living proactively and intentional.  Three coaching questions:

  1. Waking up – Where are you at?
  2. What would I like to see?  The best is yet to come.
  3. Gap – What change of behavior will help me bridge between what could be and what is?

Daniel helped me understand that life planning is for adults who know what they want rather than a tool to force on our kids.  He encouraged me to worry about how I’m living and leading and what my life is showing them through my actions, not my words.

A key for our kids is for them to know beyond a shadow of doubt, they know they are loved and safe.

A powerful parent trusts that kids will pick up our behavior from how we consistently act.

Resources mentioned in the interview:

Website for Living Forward Book: livingforwardbook.com

Assessment for Living Forward Book: livingforwardassesment.com

Building Champions, Daniels Coaching Company:  Buildingchampions.com

Furniture Company of Daniel’s boys: harkavyfurniture.com

Photography Company of Daniel’s Daughter: allieraephoto.com

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