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Living On Purpose: Interview with Barry Ham

My guest today is Barry Ham. We recorded this podcast this past September while attending American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC.net) conference in Nashville. The sound isn’t great but the conversation was fantastic.

Many of you that have listened for a while will know Barry joined us back in October 2015 to record, “Getting Your Marriage Unstuck.”  That interview focused on his last book focused on helping couples.  Proior to that he wrote, “God Understands Divorce.”

You can learn more about his books and counsleling at his website ifitherapy.com

A bit of formal Dr. Ham is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working professionally helping individuals and couples for over 35 years. He and his wife Andee make their home in Colorado Springs, CO. His wife Andee is an educational consultant who has spent over 25 years in as a school educator. She has extensive training and experience with Special education.

This conversation with Barry focuses on his new book, “Living on Purpose” which just came out in December. As you’ll hear in the interview, I was able to read a pre-release copy and was thrilled to provide an endorsement for this book.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Why it took Barry over 30 years to write this book. 4:55

Why begining with God is such a key to this book.   7:25

Barry discusses how self-discovery is not limited to the young and infact may be a key to later life impact.  11:10

Second foundation – other people matter. 15:30

Chuck detours into a rant about parents teaching kid to find “The One”   18:00

Barry shares the importance of action in determining your purpose.   20:14

What Barry hopes you take away from this book. 22:05

How to use this book as a parent and with your kids.   22:54

Best way to purchase book – Livingonpurpose.net (Signed and Discounted)

Relationships Tip Tuesday:  Send Barry and email asking to sign up.  Email

No picture! – I meant to get one of us together but then we started talking again and forgot…

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