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Parenting Special Needs Kids with Shawn Anderson [Podcast]

PrintDon’t assume that this this episode isn’t for you based on the title.  I’m excited to share this episode of, “Today’s Family Experience” but am worried that some of you won’t listen because you may think it doesn’t apply to you.  That’s exactly how I felt when I started the interview with Shawn.  However, by the time I was done interviewing Shawn, I  the experience had made me a better dad.  No matter what the needs of our kids,  they need parents can encourage development and independence through following the steps Shawn developed.  I needed to know as a dad, even through I may not have the same challenges as Shawn, I still need to have a similar focus.

If you haven’t heard Shawn’s last interview on Blended Families, make sure you listen to that one too.  You can listen here or get it on iTunes.


Dr. Shawn Anderson is not only an expert in parenting but also teaches and coaches other fathers.  He holds a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University, is the author of “Living Dangerously:  Seven Keys To Intentional Discipleship,” as well as an Adjunct Faculty with Warner Pacific University.

He and Lisa, his wife of 8 years regularly coach and lead sessions for The Family Experience when he isn’t teaching for the Pathway’s to Fatherhood, an outreach of Northwest Marriage Institute.

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Tips for Parenting in a Special Needs Child

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Get to know them personally
  3. Access resources
  4. Help them develop their own individuality
  5. Experiment with different communication styles, learning styles and discipline.
  6. Be patient


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2 Comments on “Parenting Special Needs Kids with Shawn Anderson [Podcast]

  1. I want to recommend Project Patch to a family, however, the cost is far out of range. Even if a family earns $10,000 a month, their normal expenses are higher also. More than $151 / day, unreal!

    • Beverly, Thanks for considering sharing about Project Patch with a family. I know there is sticker shock when you look at the costs our of Youth Ranch program in Idaho but I’d like to share two important points. The most important is that we are a non-profit that offers a sliding scale to families. There are very few programs that operate with our level of excellence, licenses and accreditation that works so hard to raise donor funds to meet the financial challenges of families. We do require sacrifice on the part of families accepting financial aid because our staff and donors are sacrificing to make the care possible.

      Second, the cost of residential care is very high. We not only include 24 hour 365 year staffing but this staffing is at a ratio to promote relationships, mentoring and help serve the safety needs of our teens. We operate a fully accredited school, provide individual and group therapy all in a Christian environment. Boarding schools without the therapeutic component cost between $18,000- $52,000 per year and those schools only do a fraction of the work we do.

      I’d encourage you to call our office and speak with t Jessica our Admissions Coordinator about how to get this family the help they need. Also, please let me know if you have any other concerns about our costs and sponsorships.