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We don’t think it is an accident that you are looking at this page.  You are here because you care about teens and families and want to do something to help them.

You don’t want to sit by and watch as teens and families are destroyed.  You are active in helping teens and families find hope.

It isn’t okay with you when teens…

  • Engage in destructive relationships (gangs, highly sexual behavior)
  • Run away
  • Self-harm (cutting and attempting suicide)
  • Turn to drugs and alcohol to self-medicate
  • Isolate themselves from those that can help
  • Drop out of school

It isn’t okay with you when families…

  • Fight (physical and emotional intimidation and punishment)
  • Blame (view each other as a source of problems rather than help)
  • Avoid each other (retreat to less threatening people and activities)

You want there to be places where kids get help despite their family resources.

Thanks for caring and for joining us in this important work.  The kids and families we serve could not get help without your generosity and the changes they make in our care is fueled by your prayers and belief in their worth and future.

Project Patch is a special place where teens and families can be restored.  We focus on restoring relationships with others, restoring relationships with God, and restoring troubled hearts.  Your gifts make an amazing difference in the lives of troubled teens and their families, and we are grateful to be partnering with you to accomplish our mission.

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  1. Project Patch and our mission of “Building Thriving Families, Restoring Hope to Teens and Empowering Supportive Communities,  (Click HERE)
  2. Make a general donation today – Secure Online (Click HERE) or call us at 360-690-8495.  Monthly recurring donations make it easier for us to provide sponsorships to kids and families.
  3. Take a look at our wishlist.  These are needed items not funded in our general donations.
  4. Join our prayer team by subscribing to our prayer newsletter.
  5. Consider the donation property, assets and stocks to Project Patch.
  6. Consider making a legacy gift by including us in your estate planning.
  7. Volunteering with us for special projects.  Contact us at 360-690-8495 for more information.

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