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Hope is contagious…hopelessness is also contagious.

Few things are more heartbreaking than a parent who’s given up on their child. Jenn’s mom had given up years ago. She didn’t try to wake Jenn up in the morning or make her go to school. She didn’t teach her to take care of herself. She didn’t wait up for her when Jenn was out late. She didn’t look for her when she ran.

Her mom hated all the fights and longed for Jenn to move out so she’d be someone else’s problem. Jenn moved out when she was 14.

She ended up living with her great-aunt. Jenn’s great-aunt was convinced that Jenn had a bright future and needed help reaching it. Her great-aunt helped place her in Project Patch because she knew that without a major change Jenn would end up dead, drugged or as a prostitute

Jenn fought against being at Patch yet it was the first time in ages that she felt people cared. She was there because her great-aunt cared and now Jenn was surrounded by people who cared.

The way staff showed their care wasn’t easy on her. Jenn couldn’t stay in bed all day, she had to work, teachers set high goals and her therapist pushed her to talk and learn. There were days that Jenn gave up trying but never once did the team give up on her.

Hope is contagious and Jenn now has it. She caught it from the staff, her great-aunt and from donors she doesn’t even know who gave so she could attend Project Patch.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope” – Romans 15:13 RSV

We can’t do this work without financial partners. We need your help so that kids like Jenn can discover life beyond their pain and a Hope that never fails. Would you consider a special gift this Christmas season?