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Fear of Failure [Podcast]

[featured-image size=”facebook_opengraph” single_newwindow=”false”] Failure and the fear of failure have a way of robbing us and trapping us.  This episode of Today’s Family Experience focuses on my experience with failure and how I’ve been finding freedom from the traps… Read More

Podcast Short – Driving vs. Being Goals

This 1 minute episode of Today’s Family Experience focuses on the importance of knowing the difference between driving goals and being goals.  It is based on the blog post “Goals That Make Me Wait.” I’m recording my first… Read More

The Power of a Three-Second Pause

Three seconds doesn’t seem like too long.   Yet, there are certain times that it seems like an eternity.  I’ve never ridden a bull, but imagine those 3 to 8 seconds feel like an eternity.  Tyler Bradt set… Read More

Podcast Short: Telling The Truth

We are excited to announce a new podcast designed specifically for busy parents. It’s called “Today’s Family Experience” and the goal is to help families connect in a world that is pulling them apart. This episode is a “Short”… Read More

Telling the Truth

  It’s easy to teach our kids to tell the truth, but it’s harder to tell the truth to our kids. My wife told our girls that we’ll answer any question they have with the truth, even if… Read More

A Self Centered Perspective on Forgiveness

There aren’t too many things in this world that you can give to other people get the most benefit for yourself.  Yes, there are some of you that really love giving gifts rather than receiving but I’m really… Read More

You Have Less Than 18 Minutes

Your kids can’t listen past 18 minutes I’ve been working on my presentation skills lately and came across a book called, “Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds,” by Carmine Gallo.  This book studies… Read More

Your Kids Should Talk to Strangers

My uncle and aunt owned two Malamutes which looked more like wolves than dogs.  I remember walking them down a path and I noticed something surprising, kids under the age of 5-6 didn’t seem to be afraid of the dogs,… Read More

When Your Teen Won’t Confess

A dad told me the story the other day about his son’s unwillingness to admit he had a problem with pornography.  He had plenty of evidence that his son had a problem.  He had done so many good things by… Read More

Mind Reading

I was eating breakfast with a group of girls at the Project Patch Youth Ranch and somehow we ended up talking about reading minds. The girls were sharing their theory that when people know each other for a… Read More