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Tag: Decisions

Help, My daughter won’t make a decision

I recently received a question via email – Chuck@projectpatch.org – and as I was answering it, I though maybe there are other parents who are struggling with the same thing. A bit of context – I had spent five days in… Read More

My History Limits My Freedom

There are some phrases that I’ve used over and over all the while not really knowing what they meant.  I’ve gone through over 40 Christmas seasons and only this year, while leading about 30 5-8 year olds in… Read More

Podcast Short – Driving vs. Being Goals

This 1 minute episode of Today’s Family Experience focuses on the importance of knowing the difference between driving goals and being goals.  It is based on the blog post “Goals That Make Me Wait.” I’m recording my first… Read More

Goals that Make Me Wait

The teen boys in the raft had learned how to paddle and seemed ready to show off.  It felt like I was playing fetch with a puppy and I sort of was.  I threw a big, orange ball… Read More

The Power of a Three-Second Pause

Three seconds doesn’t seem like too long.   Yet, there are certain times that it seems like an eternity.  I’ve never ridden a bull, but imagine those 3 to 8 seconds feel like an eternity.  Tyler Bradt set… Read More