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The Power of a Three-Second Pause

Three seconds doesn’t seem like too long.   Yet, there are certain times that it seems like an eternity.  I’ve never ridden a bull, but imagine those 3 to 8 seconds feel like an eternity.  Tyler Bradt set… Read More

What to Do when Consequences Aren’t Working

I remember an experiment my brother conducted when we were little kids. He had done something wrong and was going to be punished. He had the brilliant idea that he wouldn’t be punished if Mom couldn’t catch him. He… Read More

Foolish: How to Discipline when your Kids are NOT Listening

Most of us parents still remember what a broken record sounds like. The same thing plays over and over and just won’t move on. Most kids haven’t heard a record-player, but have experienced the broken-record moments as their parents launch… Read More

Wise: How to Discipline when your Kids are Listening

In the last post, we explored how we need to decide whether our kids are wise, or foolish, before we discipline them. If they are wise, we use words; and, if they are foolish, we use life (consequences)…. Read More

Question Before Discipline: Wise or Foolish

There is that moment as a parent in which your child is standing in front of you, they’ve just demolished something and you just don’t know where to begin.  For me, my mind races to say all sorts… Read More

Suppressing Anger

by Chuck “The peaceful home, like the hoped-for peaceful world, does not depend on a sudden benevolent change in human nature.  It does depend on deliberate procedures that methodically reduce tensions before they lead to explosions.” (From:  “Between… Read More