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What’s Going On With My Kid?

As parents we ask some important question.  A good one is, “Where are my keys?”  We also ask obvious questions like, “Who drank all the milk and put the carton back in the fridge?”  One that I hear from… Read More

Podcast Short – Driving vs. Being Goals

This 1 minute episode of Today’s Family Experience focuses on the importance of knowing the difference between driving goals and being goals.  It is based on the blog post “Goals That Make Me Wait.” I’m recording my first… Read More

Goals that Make Me Wait

The teen boys in the raft had learned how to paddle and seemed ready to show off.  It felt like I was playing fetch with a puppy and I sort of was.  I threw a big, orange ball… Read More

Little Things that Change Relationships

I am a whitewater river guide.  I love rafting and kayaking.  I learned to guide rafts while living in Idaho working with the youth at the Project Patch Youth Ranch and guiding for YD Adventures. The river is… Read More

Drifting Closer?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people drifted closer rather than apart? I was listening to a Michael Hyatt podcast (“This is Your Life – Episode 3”) recently and he was speaking about how nearly every area of our life… Read More