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Tag: good decisions

Telling the Truth

  It’s easy to teach our kids to tell the truth, but it’s harder to tell the truth to our kids. My wife told our girls that we’ll answer any question they have with the truth, even if… Read More

Going Back to the Vomit

Summer brings back great memories of working as a camp counselor.  I remember how much work it took to get the guys to clean the cabin for inspection and memorize a daily Bible verse for flag-raising.  Hoyt, my… Read More

Long Term Impact

I was lucky to  spend the day with some of the boys from the Youth Ranch touring Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).   What an amazing organization made up of people who purposely choose to do hard things.  Before… Read More

Life Ready Kids – Decisive Without Being Impulsive

I’ve noticed that I’m not too good at deciding certain things.  Kelly and I were in The Home Depot standing before a wall of color swatches and were trying to find a paint color for our front door…. Read More