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Surviving the Holidays – When Your In-laws Are As Crazy As Your Parents

This is a repost of something I wrote in October 2013.  I dusted it off again for this year. Tis the season of hurt feelings, tra-la, la, la, la… I love the holiday season in which I cram too many… Read More

Helping Your Family Find ‘Normal’ During The Holiday Chaos

My confession, I’m a tri-athlete who hasn’t been training as much as I’d like lately. Second confession, we started a job list and commission program to teach the girls about money and it isn’t being kept up. Consistency… Read More

Family Stories

I learned as an adult that my grandparents had owned a Volkswagen camper van and had driven it from India to Europe. It was in passing that one of my aunts mentioned that my grandparents had owned a… Read More

Surviving the Holidays – When your in-laws are as crazy as your parents

My wife and I met a couple the other day that isn’t panicking about where to spend their Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are in the minority. We are approaching Thanksgiving and it isn’t easy to decide what to… Read More