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An Unhurried Life (Pt. 1)

This post was written by Jim Smith, a long time friend of Project Patch who worked as a therapist at our Youth Ranch and helped launch our Family Experience.  He no longer works at Project Patch but continues… Read More

Asking Great Questions (Pt 3)

by Chuck Today we are going to focus on asking great questions to help us survive. The TV show “Survivor” has now completed 26 seasons.  That is a lot of surviving that those angry, backbiting, money-hungry, starving people… Read More

Asking Great Questions (Pt 2)

Continuing our series on asking great questions, today we focus on asking questions that will increase our success.  What does success look like in the home?   We’ve had kids at our youth ranch that come from homes that… Read More

Complexity: A Family Enemy

by Chuck What is life like in your family?  Many people I talk to report that life is too busy and complicated.  Parents feel like glorified cooks and taxi drivers, and kids feel like busy executives with every… Read More