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Living Forward as a Parent: Interviewing Daniel Harkavy

My guest for this episode is Daniel Harkavy, founder, CEO and executive Coach at Building Champions.  Daniel has authored several books including his most recent, “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You… Read More

A Self Centered Perspective on Forgiveness

There aren’t too many things in this world that you can give to other people get the most benefit for yourself.  Yes, there are some of you that really love giving gifts rather than receiving but I’m really… Read More

Long Term Impact

I was lucky to  spend the day with some of the boys from the Youth Ranch touring Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).   What an amazing organization made up of people who purposely choose to do hard things.  Before… Read More

Generous Kids

  One of the greatest things about my job as Executive Director of Project Patch is that I get to meet some amazingly generous people.  I’ve been left speechless by those moments when people give more than I… Read More

Life Ready Kids – Know When NOT to Laugh

Have you ever laughed at the wrong time?  I remember sitting in church as a little guy doing my best to keep from laughing out loud before “LOL” was even invented.  There are always funny things that are… Read More