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Getting Your Marriage Unstuck – An Interview With Dr. Barry Ham

There are few things more lonely than being stuck in a loveless marriage. I meet couples who probably wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for the kids. Their relationships aren’t abusive and typically both are well meaning wonderful people…. Read More

Mind Reading

I was eating breakfast with a group of girls at the Project Patch Youth Ranch and somehow we ended up talking about reading minds. The girls were sharing their theory that when people know each other for a… Read More

Communication Lessons from a One Lane Bridge

There is a one lane bridge near the Project Patch Youth Ranch.  I’ve traveled this bridge hundreds of times and every trip across has gone well except for one. On that trip I was riding my bike across… Read More

Asking Great Questions (Pt. 4)

by Chuck “Are we there yet?”  Every parent hates that question.  I have a feeling that some of you may be asking the same thing about this series on Asking Great Questions. So far we’ve look at asking… Read More

Asking Great Questions (Pt 3)

by Chuck Today we are going to focus on asking great questions to help us survive. The TV show “Survivor” has now completed 26 seasons.  That is a lot of surviving that those angry, backbiting, money-hungry, starving people… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 6)

by Chuck Wow, we are finally on step six!  Thanks for sticking with me as we went through the previous five steps which take us through both establishing responsibility for hurting someone and developing accountability to keep us… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 5)

by Chuck The first four steps of the Six Step Apology that I learned from Ford Taylor focus on establishing personal responsibility.  Each step moves you from a position of defensiveness to total personal accountability. Personal accountability is… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 4)

by Chuck In the first three steps we explored the importance of not rushing to “I’m sorry,” and instead looking at what took place, how it impacted the other person, our feelings about it, and then our heartfelt… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 3)

by Chuck There are things I regularly say as a dad that I thought I would never say. Picture me with two 5-year-old girls who are crying.  They are both telling some sort of story that involves pushing… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 2)

by Chuck One of the hardest things for me to say is, “I was wrong.” I’m pretty good at deflecting things.  Just like the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701 for all you geeks out there) I have my force shield… Read More