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A Last Minute Request

We began this blog on January 30, 2013.  Since that time we’ve written 70 posts and have had a steady increase in readers.  My blog report tells me that the equivalent of five New York subway cars full of… Read More

Tempting Shortcuts

I recently read a devotional by Carol Knapp in which she told about all the cars that fell through the ice near her Alaska home.  The winter was unusually warm, yet many people were unwilling to adjust their… Read More

When Your Teen Won’t Confess

A dad told me the story the other day about his son’s unwillingness to admit he had a problem with pornography.  He had plenty of evidence that his son had a problem.  He had done so many good things by… Read More

What to Do when Consequences Aren’t Working

I remember an experiment my brother conducted when we were little kids. He had done something wrong and was going to be punished. He had the brilliant idea that he wouldn’t be punished if Mom couldn’t catch him. He… Read More

Parenting In the Unpredictable Years

I’m in Idaho at our youth ranch as I write this.  Spring in the mountains of Idaho is something to behold.  The temperature when I walked to breakfast was 27 degrees,and tonight it was close to 60 degrees… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 6)

by Chuck Wow, we are finally on step six!  Thanks for sticking with me as we went through the previous five steps which take us through both establishing responsibility for hurting someone and developing accountability to keep us… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 5)

by Chuck The first four steps of the Six Step Apology that I learned from Ford Taylor focus on establishing personal responsibility.  Each step moves you from a position of defensiveness to total personal accountability. Personal accountability is… Read More

Where Is God?

by Chuck I recently listened to a radio interview of Father Greg Boyle, the founder of Homeboy Industries.  I’ve heard Greg before and each time I’ve been struck by how excited and grateful he is to be working… Read More

What Is Your Body Saying?

I recently read a great blog by Peter Bregman in which he described a time in which he did a series of wrong things when meeting with a potential client.  One of the things he did was raise… Read More

Artificial Maturity

by Chuck Dave Ramsey caught my attention.  He said that one of the hardest things to figure out as a parent of a teenager is what “age” they’re dealing with at that particular moment.  At any given time… Read More