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An Unhurried Life (Pt. 1)

This post was written by Jim Smith, a long time friend of Project Patch who worked as a therapist at our Youth Ranch and helped launch our Family Experience.  He no longer works at Project Patch but continues… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 6)

by Chuck Wow, we are finally on step six!  Thanks for sticking with me as we went through the previous five steps which take us through both establishing responsibility for hurting someone and developing accountability to keep us… Read More

Six Step Apology (Pt 5)

by Chuck The first four steps of the Six Step Apology that I learned from Ford Taylor focus on establishing personal responsibility.  Each step moves you from a position of defensiveness to total personal accountability. Personal accountability is… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 4)

by Chuck In the first three steps we explored the importance of not rushing to “I’m sorry,” and instead looking at what took place, how it impacted the other person, our feelings about it, and then our heartfelt… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 3)

by Chuck There are things I regularly say as a dad that I thought I would never say. Picture me with two 5-year-old girls who are crying.  They are both telling some sort of story that involves pushing… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Pt 1)

Two things are necessary before you apologize: The offense – the act, words, inaction, or decisions that hurt another person. Knowing that you hurt another person. This seems simple but as parents many times we are teaching our… Read More

The Six Step Apology (Intro)

My stomach hurts just remembering those times in which I’ve blown it.  I shouted. I threatened. I said hurtful things on purpose.  What makes me sick is remembering the fear in their eyes, their embarrassment and hurt, and… Read More

Resistance (Part 3)

by Chuck In the last blog entry we looked at how resistance shows up in the form of fear and many times leaves us paralyzed.  The antidote is to start and focus on building momentum. The bad news… Read More

Resistance (Part 2)

by Chuck In the first part of this series on resistance I focused on how resistance shows up whenever we are trying to change.  Today we are going to focus on the first of four steps to overcoming… Read More

Resistance (Part 1)

by Chuck I was about 40 miles into the 112-mile bike portion of a triathlon when I heard the most absurd but eventually helpful words, “I think your brake is rubbing.”  I was incredulous, how could I be… Read More