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The Counter Culture Mom: Meet Tina Griffin

Tina Griffin has a ton of energy and is passionate about helping teens.  I met her several years ago at a conference and we chatted long enough to know we needed to talk more.  The only problem was that she kept getting into deep conversations and as soon as she was done, I was involved in conversations.  We exchanged cards and she agreed to record a podcast.

Two years later, we finally had our schedules match and were able to record a podcast.  Months later, I’ve been able to edit and I think you’ll enjoy hearing her perspective on media.

Over 10 years of living in the midst of Hollywood has given Tina an appreciation for the life she has now with her husband and children as well as a platform to help kids and parents see the dangers in media and more importantly, the blessings God wants to give that media can’t give.

Tina now speaks to teens across the nation about and shares resources on her website.

Ideas that stand out in this interview:

  • Many top celebrities are producing content which they do not allow their kids to watch.  They profit from your kids seeing something that they believe would harm their own kids.
  • Our media choices affect us and our relationships.
  • A key gift we can give our kids is the ability to talk about media choices and create discussion around values.