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Why I Don’t Attack Hollywood [Podcast]

I recently heard an interview on The Dave Ramsey show (March 18 Episode ) of Michel Jr. A comedian who is performs for corporations, comedy clubs and churches.

A couple things surprised me.

First, he has a test for his comedy called “comedy accountability.” Jokes have to be clean enough to for churches and funny enough to get laughs in a comedy club. He tells the same jokes both places and he wants his kids to be able to repeat anything he says.

Second, he shared how easy it is to get a laugh by being vulgar or profane. When the routine isn’t going well, a comedian can say something absurd or vulgar for nearly guaranteed laughs. Instead Michael Jr. has focused not on getting a laugh but to “give them an opportunity to laugh.” This focus has led him to do some amazing work for prisoners and the homeless.

I share this as an intro to this podcast episode because in the same way a comedian can get easy laughs, I can get a lot of “amens”, head nods and attaboys when I rail against Hollywood. Whether I’m giving a sermon, seminar or talk to a service club, I’ve found bashing Hollywood, technology and video games gets good ratings. I’ve also noticed that most people like to hear that this generation is the worst ever but that’s a topic for another podcast.

I share in this episode of the podcast why I work really hard not to spend my time attacking Hollywood and all the other media giants and instead focus on shooting at targets that not only I can reach but will make a great impact on the war over my kids hearts.

It would be easier and I’d be more popular if I took the easy route but I’d rather kids be safe than us adults feel good about ourselves.

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In this episode I mention the following resources:

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question – by John Miller – You can learn more at his website qbq.com.

The three factors required for a QBQ are. Check out the basic overview here.

  1. Start with “What” or “How”
  2. Include the personal pronoun “I”
  3. Focus on action


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